The rapid changes in information and communications technology (ICT) have drastically altered the way we live. There are growing dependencies on these technologies including critical functions of industries and industry control systems. The newly created Department of Information and Communications Technology through its attached agency the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordination Center (CICC), adapts to the new paradigm with the comprehensive National Cybersecurity Strategy Framework.

The development of the Framework shall be able to institutionalize the adoption and implementation of Information Security Governance and Risk Management approaches. These globally recognized standards shall provide the government a systematic and methodical practice of ensuring the protection of our mission critical and non-critical infostructure. The government shall build up its capability and capacity for quick response and recovery through the establishment of the National Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT).

In view of cybersecurity, the DICT is mandated to “ensure the rights of individuals to privacy and confidentiality of their personal information; ensure the security of critical ICT infrastructures including information assets of the government, individuals and businesses; and provide oversight over agencies governing and regulating the ICT sector and ensure consumer protection and welfare, data privacy and security, foster competition and the growth of the ICT sector.” One of the priority areas that the Department has to immediately institute is the formulation of the National Cybersecurity Plan to address the urgency to protect the nation’s Critical Infostructures, Government Networks both Public and Military, Small Medium Enterprises to Large Businesses, Corporations and its supply chains and every Filipino using the internet.

The primary goals of this Plan are as follows: (1) assuring the continuous operation of our nation’s critical infostructures, public and military networks (2) implementing cyber resiliency measures to enhance our ability to respond to threats before, during and after attacks, (3) effective coordination with law enforcement agencies and (4) a cybersecurity educated society.


The National CyberSecurity Plan 2022 was officially unveiled May 2, 2017.

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National Cybersecurity Plan 2022