June 01-02, 2022DICT Region IXSkills Training for the Youth
June 01, 2022DICT Region XIIIOpening Caravan for ICT Month
June 01-03, 2022DICT Region IXWebsite Development Training
June 02-03, 2022DICT Region XIIIDigital Literacy Training for TESDA Personnels
June 03, 2022DICT Region IIIThe Art of Starting up a Startup
June 03, 2022DICT Region IXEffectively using Technology in Online Guidance and Couseling
June 06, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to Networks and Networking Certification
June 06, 2022DICT Region XIDigitalgobs Training- General Virtual Assistance
June 06-08, 2022DICT Region XLGU Implementation Assessment
June 06-10, 2022DICT Region VIStartup Awareness Caravan
June 06-10, 2022DICT Region IV-BLaunching ICT in Public Service: E-Government Project Management in Occidental Mindoro
June 07, 2022DICT Region IIIBasic Python Programming
June 07, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to Web Design
June 07, 2022DICT Region IV-BRaising the Shield: Cybercrime Awareness and Prevention with PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group-Cybercrime Group
June 07, 2022DICT Region IXCybersecurity Awareness and Internet Media and Information Literacy (IMIL) Caravan
June 07, 2022DICT Region XIInitial meeting with the resource speaker for Davao City Startup Mapping
June 07, 2022DICT Region XIIITechTalk: Computer Maintenance, Network and Information Security
June 07-09, 2022DICT Region XIDTT: FCERT Operations Training
June 07-09, 2022DICT Region XIBasic Digital Literacy - Bgry. Demolok, Malita, Davao Occidental
June 07-23, 2022DICT Region XIIIDICT Caraga CPD Program: Digital Teachers Training
June 08, 2022DICT Region III DICT R3 Internhsip Program and Orientation on ICT Proficiency Exam
June 08, 2022DICT Region IIIStructured Cabling System & Cabling Elements for Computer Networks
June 08, 2022DICT Region IV-AInternet Media and Information Literacy (IMIL) Cluster Wide
June 08, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaIT's Coffee Time Show ft Digital Jobs Technical Training Graduates
June 08-10, 2022DICT Region XIIIDigital Literacy Training for PWDs, Women and Senior Citizens
June 09, 2022DICT Region IIIPython Programming for Beginners
June 09, 2022DICT Region IIIFree Photo Editing Tool available for Windows 11
June 09, 2022IIDBTechtrends Blockchain Basic Session
June 09, 2022DRRMDNationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill
June 09, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaMercedes Tech4ED Center Launching
June 09, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaIntroduction to UI andUX
June 09, 2022DICT Region XICT Proficiency Certification Examination
June 09-10, 2022DICT Region XII and BARMMBasic Graphic Design Training
June 10, 2022DICT Region IIIStartup Stories to Inspire Young Innovators
June 10, 2022DICT Region IIIComputer Hardware and Basic PC Troubleshooting
June 10, 2022DICT Region IV-AInternet of Things (Building Your Environment Monitoring System) CALABARZON Wide
June 10, 2022DICT Region IV-BE-Learning Innovation: Modern E-Learning Frameworks, Approaches and Latest Technology
June 10, 2022DICT Region IV-BOnwards to Digital Citizenship: ICT User Assessment Examination
June 10, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaTechTalk: Stories of Local Startups
June 10, 2022DICT Region XIIITechTalk: Animation and Programming
June 10, 2022DICT Region XIDemolok Valley National Highschool Tech4ED Center Launching
June 13, 2022DICT Region IIIBasic Arduino Programming
June 13, 2022DICT Region IIIPreparing for the Metaverse: Cybersecurity Awareness and Blockchain Technology
June 13-17, 2022DICT Region VIIData Privacy Protection (Regular Batch 1)
June 13-17, 2022DICT Region XIDGM: Data Driven Governance
June 13-17, 2022DICT Region XIIIPhoto contest related to ICT Month theme
June 14, 2022DICT Region IIICreating Online Presence by Building a Free Website in WIX
June 14, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to Brand Building through Social Media
June 14, 2022DICT Region IV-BUpskilling towards 21st Century Entrepreneurship: Technopreneurship 101
June 14, 2022DICT Region XFree Wi-Fi For All Launching - Marina 10
June 14-16, 2022DICT Region XData Privacy Protection
June 14, 2022DICT Region XIIIDRRM: Resilient Government Communications
June 15, 2022IIDBLaunch of Global Blockchain Summit
June 15, 2022DICT Region IIIIt's Virtually Everything: Beyond our Current Imagination
June 15, 2022DICT Region IIIBuilding an Online Career: Introduction to Social Media Management
June 15, 2022DICT Region IV-AMoral and Ethical Issues in Technology Today
June 15, 2022DICT Region VIBasic Microsoft OfficeTools Training for the Barangay Officials
June 15, 2022DICT Region XSTARTUP 100 Roadshow
June 15-16, 2022DICT Region VIIILCDB Partners' Summit
June 15-16, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaData Privacy and Protection Training
June 15-16, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaData Privacy Webinar for implementing LGUs
June 15-16, 2022DICT Region XIIIDigital Literacy Training in partnership with Armed Forces of the Philippines
June 15-17, 2022DICT Region XIBasic Digital Literacy - Bgry. Demolok, Malita, Davao Occidental
June 16, 2022IIDBTechtrends AI Basic Session
June 16, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to HTML
June 16, 2022DICT Region IIIFiber Optic and Satellite Communications
June 16, 2022DICT Region VIDigital Literacy for Teachers
June 16, 2022DICT Region XII and BARMMCybersecurity and Data Privacy Awareness
June 16-17, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaCybersecurity Podcast
June 17, 2022DICT Region IIICreating instructional videos for distance learning featuring Loom
June 17, 2022DICT Region IIIMicrosoft Teams
June 17, 2022DICT Region IV-AICT Diagnostic Exam in Biñan Tech4ED Center in partnership with ICTO Biñan
June 17, 2022DICT Region IV-ADigital Literacy Training and Center Management Training
June 17, 2022DICT Region IV-BBuilding a Disaster Resilient MIMAROPA: Fire Detection and Alarm System Webinar
June 17, 2022DICT Region VIIICT Proficiency Ceritification Exam (Cebu City)
June 17, 2022DICT Region XIIIUnderstanding ICT and Innovations
June 17, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaTraining of Trainers for Data Privacy Protection Awareness
June 18, 2022DICT Region IV-BDigital Development through ICT Trends: LoRA and LoRAWAN Technology and the Internet of Things
June 20, 2022IIDBTechtrends Data Analytics Intermediate Session
June 20, 2022DICT Region IIIUnderstanding Technology - Hardware and Internet
June 20, 2022DICT Region VIDigital Literacy for Students
June 20, 2022DICT Region VIDigital Literacy Training for Bgy Workers and Women Sector
June 20, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaSecure Online Documents with Digital Signature
June 20, 2022DICT Region XLaunching of DJPH Training
June 20, 2022DICT Region XIIIFreelancing and Startup Forum
June 20-22, 2022DICT Region XII and BARMMData Privacy Protection Training
June 20-24, 2022DICT Region XITraining on Cybersecurity Competency Framework
June 20-24, 2022DICT Region IV-BFostering ICT Best Practices in eGovernance: GOSD Training for LGUs and NGAs in MIMAROPA
June 20-24, 2022DICT Region IV-BFortifiying our ICT Development Thrust: iBPLS BPBC Pilot Testing LGU Lubang Occidental Mindoro
June 20-24, 2022DICT Region VIIPodcasting, Canva, Technical Tools for Teachers Training
June 20-24, 2022DICT Region VIIiBPLS: BPBC Data Build-up, Pilot Testing and Dry Run Assistance to LGUs
June 21, 2022DICT Region IIIProductivity Tools to Start Up your Online Career
June 21, 2022DICT Region IIIRole of the Government in Empowering Startups for Growth
June 21, 2022DICT Region VIInternet Media Information Literacy for Senior Citizens
June 21, 2022DICT Region VIDigital Literacy Training for Bgy Workers and Women Sector
June 21, 2022DICT Region VIFree Wi-Fi For All Site Coordinators Training
June 21, 2022DICT Region XIIIInternet Media and Information Literacy (IMIL) for former Rebels
June 21, 2022DICT Region XIIIAdvanced Digital Literacy Training
June 22, 2022DICT Region IIITechnological Trends: from AI to Quantum Computing
June 22, 2022DICT Region IIIBasic Statistics and Introduction to IBM Statistical
June 22, 2022DICT Region IV-AIncreasing Defense for Securing Wireless Networks
June 22, 2022DICT Region IV-BNurtuting ICT Partnerships: Tech4ED Kapihan for Mimaropa Center Managers
June 22, 2022DICT Region VIFree Wi-Fi For All Launching at Pototan, IloIlo
June 22, 2022DICT Region VIDigital Literacy Training for Bgy Workers and Women Sector
June 23, 2022IIDBTechtrends Cloud Computing Basic Session
June 23, 2022DICT Region IIIOnline Freelancing Career: How to survive demanding clients?
June 23, 2022DICT Region IIIICT for Academic Purposes
June 23, 2022DICT Region VIDigital Literacy Training for Bgy Workers and Women Sector
June 23, 2022DICT Region XEssential Tools in the Digital Era
June 23, 2022DICT Region XDigital Parenting
June 23, 2022DICT Region XIIIKumustahan: Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in ICT
June 23-24, 2022DICT Region XII and BARMMCenter Managers Training
June 24, 2022iBPLSOnline Briefing on ePayment, Barangay Clearance, and PNPKI for iBPLS Stakeholders
June 24, 2022NGDCAzure Ka Na Ba? Training
June 24, 2022DICT Region XIIIStartup 100: Startup Roadshow
June 24, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to IOT
June 24, 2022DICT Region IV-AVideo Editing and Graphic Design using Adobe Products-Part 2
June 24, 2022DICT Region IV-BSustaining the Flames of Progress in MIMAROPA: Tech4ED Digital Conference Mimaropa
June 24, 2022DICT Region VIOnline Briefing on e-Payment, Bgy. Clearance, and PNPKI for iBPLS Stakeholders
June 24, 2022DICT Region VIDICT Passi Digital Transformation Center Launching
June 24, 2022DICT Region XISchool Engagement of institunalization of creating startup organization
June 24, 2022DICT Region XIIIStartup 100: Startup Roadshow
June 24, 2022DICT Region IV-ARF Engineering's Impact in the 5G Wireless Technology Era (with CPD units for Electronics Engineers)
June 27-28, 2022NPCMBCybersecurity in The Metaverse
June 27-30, 2022DICT Region IV-AGOSD Training for LGUs and NGAs in CALABARZON
June 27, 2022Enabling Women and Underserved Communities to Benefit from the Mobile Internet in The Philippines
June 27, 2022DICT Region IIISave your Sanity: 10 Productivity Tips during DJPH Training
June 27, 2022DICT Region IIIThe Five Pillars of Data Privacy Accountability and Compliance
June 28, 2022NPCMBCeremonial Launching of the emergency warning broadcast system
June 28, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to After Effects
June 28, 2022DICT Region IIIIntroduction to Data Analytics
June 28, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTaComputer Awareness and Basic Computer Troubleshooting
June 28, 2022DICT Region XDigital Governance Awards Webinar
June 28, 2022DICT Region IX and BasulTaEmerging Technologies: 5G Technology
June 28, 2022DICT Region IX and BasulTaEmerging Technologies: Disrptive Technology
June 28-29, 2022DICT Region VIStartup Conference
June 28-30, 2022DICT Region XIData Build Up eBPLS - New Bataan, Davao de Oro
June 29, 2022DICT Region IIIData Privacy Act and its IRR/Rights of Data Subjects
June 29, 2022DICT Region IIIDigital Citizenship
June 29, 2022DICT Region IV-AEffective Presentation in Blended Learning Tools to increase Student’s Engagement Productivity and Teachers Efficiency (with CPD units)
June 29, 2022DICT Region IV-AWebinar: iBPLS for Business Owners
June 29, 2022DICT Region IX and BaSulTa7th Mindanao Cluster 1 Tech4ED Conference and Launching of Tech4ED Awards 2022
June 30, 2022DICT Region IV-AHealthy Habits in the Digital Age
June 30, 2022DICT Region IIIDICT Region III Closing Program
June 30, 2022DICT RegionVITraining on Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI)
June 30, 2022DICT Region VIIStartup Thursdays #5 (Webinar Series)
June 30, 2022DICT Region XIIIDICT Region XIII Culmination Program
June 30, 2022DICT Region XElevate AIDA Training Virtual Graduation