Mislatel consortium is promising high-speed broadband service at a much lower price once it starts its operation as the New Major Player in the Public Telecommunications Market.

In its submitted Highest Committed Level of Service (HCLOS) bid that won them the NMP title, Mislatel vows to deliver 27 Mbps of minimum average broadband speed on its first year before upgrading to 55 Mbps in the next four years.

HIGH-SPEED.Mislatel promises the consistent delivery of 55 Mbps minimum average broadband speed starting on its second year of operation. The 55 Mbps is equivalent with the maximum value set by the NTC Memorandum Circular 09-09-2018 for the minimum average broadband speed.   

Though not giving an exact figure, the NMP said they intend to offer the said broadband speed average at a much lower price compare to the current offerings of the incumbent telcos.

“We have to be disruptive and so we have to offer lower prices, we have to [offer faster internet service],” said Atty. Adel Tamano, spokesperson of Mislatel consortium. “We have to be the better alternative or else consumers will not go to us.”

On 20 November, Mislatel took the first step to make their promises work after one of its partners, China Telecom, and DICT signed a joint letter of intent for a feasibility study in using the government’s cable landing stations and connect it to the former’s submarine cable.

The international submarine broadband infrastructure will connect the country to Hong Kong and USA, which offer cheaper rate. DICT Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, though, emphasized that thefacility is also available to all telco players.

Meanwhile, the NMP is planning to cover 37.03% of the national population in its initial year and gradually increasing its coverage to 84.01% of the population within the 5-year commitment period.

NATIONWIDE. Another promise of Mislatel is to serve 84% of the country’s population in the first five years of its operation. The coverage commitment is already more than 30% of the required minimum of 50% in the same time frame.

To back up their commitments, Mislatel consortium is looking to spend a total of 257 Billion pesos in infrastructure and service rollout during the 5-year period.

The NMP even surpassed the maximum required value of capital and operational expenditure  in the first year as they submitted 150 Billion to start their rollout operation.

Intensive rollout.Mislatel will be spending 257 Billion pesos in the first five years to deliver the high-speed and nationwide coverage they promised.

Any failure of commitment in any year will merit a forfeiture of the performance security the NMP posted as a requirement in the selection process, which is around 25 Billion.

“Our government has full control on the consequences the NMP will suffer if it does not perform,” assured Rio.

To avoid this, Rio advised the NMP to partner up with small telco players in order to fulfill its commitment, saying Mislatel can share its facilities and frequencies with them.

Rio also expressed his positive outlook on the impending entry of the NMP, which is eyeing to operate by the latter part of 2019.

“The Filipino people is very excited [for this NMP] and we are hoping that we continue to fulfill the aspiration and campaign promise of President Duterte to change the telecommunications landscape and improve our internet speed,” said Rio.