As of 28 January 2020

Position One (1) Attorney V
Item Number OSEC-DICTB-ATY5-235-2017
Office Legislative Liaison Division
Salary Grade and Rate SG 25-01, P96,985.00/mo.
Nature of Employment Original


Education Bachelor of Laws
Experience Three (3) years of relevant experience
Eligibility RA 1080 (Bar)
Training Sixteen (16) hours of relevant training


The Attorney V under the Legislative Liaison Division shall discharge the following functions of his/her position:

  1. Review position papers issued by DICT to ensure accordance with policies, powers, functions, and mandate of the Department;
  2. Propose legislative measures to Congress, in light of the changing needs of the ICT industry;
  3. Discharge policy, decision, and rule-making power in the Division;
  4. Review position papers issued by the DICT to ensure that the same are in accordance with the policies, powers, functions, and mandate of the Department;
  5. Monitor and review ICT-related bills and implement the same when necessary;
  6. Propose legislative measures and/or presentations to Congress, Cabinet, Inter-Agency Committees, Department and attached agencies, as well as other government agencies where DICT is a member in light of the major and expanding role of ICT in nation building;
  7. Conduct and attend congressional meetings for ICT-related bills and/or meetings with the Congress, Cabinet, Inter-Agency Committees, Department and attached agencies, as well as other government agencies where DICT is a member;
  8. Provide legal services in all areas of administrative law not specifically assigned to Legal and other divisions within the Office of the Secretary (OSEC);
  9. Provide trainings, orientations, briefings, and seminars on all topics affecting the implementation of general laws and other enactments of governmental application; and
  10. Act as the Legislative Liaison directly responsible as the Secretariat for legislative affairs, including formulation, coordination, supervision, and execution of the Congressional policy and strategy. As Legislative Liaison, he/she shall be responsible for the overall integration of the policies, rules, and regulations to the Department.


  1. Provide reports of and briefings on ICT related legislations for Congressional hearings, meetings and other related activities;
  2. Build relationship with Congress and other concerned government agencies, GOCCs, LGUs, NGOs, and other stakeholders;
  3. Prepare, review, and finalize documents representing Department’s position on pertinent issues for Congressional hearings; and
  4. Review multilateral or bilateral agreements handled by the International Cooperation Division.


  1. Plan, program, and distribute works, as well as review and evaluate the performance of the Sections under the Legislative Liaison Division, and maintain morale and discipline among employees;
  2. Monitor laws, administrative issuances, court decisions, and other legal issuances relative to DICT’s programs and projects;
  3. Ensure accomplishment and implementation of the Legislative Liaison Division’s mission and functions; and
  4. Attend meetings/conferences within and outside DICT.


  1. Serve as primary point of contact within the DICT as regards ICT related policies;
  2. Serve as the principal liaison to the House and Senate ICT committees;
  3. Endorse/recommend approval of comments, position papers, and propose legislative measures on ICT related legislations;
  4. Consolidate comments from different offices of the DICT;
  5. Provide prompt, coordinated, consistent, and factual replies to all inquiries from the House and Senate for consideration of the Secretary;
  6. Report congressional and Senate trends and problems and advice the Secretary regarding the status of congressional relations and developments affecting DICT;
  7. Lead the staff in understanding policies, actions, operations, and requirements of the DICT;
  8. Manage the Legislative Liaison Division;
  9. Ensure DICT’s attendance at public hearings and consultations, legislations, or policies that require legal expertise or knowledge on ICT;
  10. Render legal opinion and recommendations on national and international legislations;
  11. Update the management of existing and applicable laws, rules, and regulations on any complaints, issues, or concerns of the Department; and
  12. Any other tasks analogous and relative to the foregoing.

Interested and qualified applicants shall submit the following documentary requirements on or before 07 February 2020 (Friday):

  1. Application Letter addressed to the undersigned;
  2. Duly-accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with passport-sized photo taken within the last six (6) months;
  3. Copy of diploma;
  4. Transcript of Records;
  5. Certificate of eligibility/board exam result, if applicable;
  6. Certificates of relevant training, seminars and awards/recognitions, if any;
  7. Performance rating during the last rating period, if applicable;
  8. Certificate of previous employment, if applicable;
  9. Certification of no pending administrative charge; and
  10. NBI clearance.

Applications along with the aforementioned documents shall be submitted to:


            Administrative Officer V

            Human Resource Development Division

            DICT Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Applications with incomplete documentary requirements shall not be processed.

Application Letter addressed to:
OIC Undersecretary for General Administration