Dear Industry Partners,

The DOST ICT Office shall soon tender for an International IP Transport (transit) service, or simply the IPTI Service, to meet the requirements of the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project that is now being implemented. This component has a budget allocation under the agency’s Annual Procurement Plan (APP) of P145M for 12-months of service – please note though this value may still be changed.

We are writing because it has come to our attention that the IPTI tender will be a first for both government and industry in terms of its single contract price for this kind of service, and there is the possibility that no Philippine company will be able to meet the standard requirements for a company to participate under RA 9184, its implementing rules and regulations, and other related forms of issuance.

Thus, to ensure wide participation by appropriate private sector companies, we intend to issue non-standard language for qualifying prospective bidder, as is provided for this kind of situation. It is for this non-standard language we would like to request for your comments. The language is as follows:

1) Must be an Internet Service Provider (ISP);
2) Must have a 3-month international IP transit traffic average of at least 10 Gbps; and,
3) Must own or have under long-term (2-years or more) contract at least 20 Gbps of unused international IP transit capacity.

The No. 2 qualification is to establish that a bidder will have had experience handling at least half of the traffic that will be required by the project, while the No. 3 qualification is to establish a bidder’s ability to deliver what is required. We do realize that there may be other reasonable and verifiable means of qualifying bidders so please feel free to propose other alternative language that will meet the requirements of the Government Procurement Law.

Kindly submit your comments and/or suggestions no later than 5 PM Friday, July 10, 2015.

Best Regards,

Louis Napoleon C. Casambre
Executive Director
DOST Information and Communications Technology Office