23 July 2015

Dear Industry Partners,

Our project: Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places has begun implementation with several public tenders in various stages of execution, with more to come.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated so far, and encourage all other potential participants to work with us to deliver this public service to the e-Filipino.

We are issuing this Request-For-Information (RFI) to gather information towards ensuring the successful tender for the International IP Transport (IPTI) Service – a critical component of this project.  The IPTI is for a 12-month subscription to commodity Internet connectivity, with base bandwidth starting at 10 Gbps and building up to 16 Gbps, bursting by up to 25% at any time.  The total budget for this service as published in our Agency Procurement Plan (APP) is P162 million.  Please note that the APP value may still change.

The relevant excerpts from the draft TOR are on the attached pages, which we believe will lead to a comfortable level of confidence that the tender will succeed, and that the necessary quality of service will be delivered.  We however also believe your feedback can help us further improve the TOR.  Kindly, examine the excerpts carefully and let us know your comments and suggestions.

Finally, we request that you reply on or before 12 noon Monday, July 27 by e-mail to submit.rfi@icto.dost.gov.ph.  Furthermore, to ensure we do receive your valued reply, please also FAX a copy to +632 426-1525.




Executive Director
To download the document, click on the link below:

Request for Information: International IP Transport Services