Philippine Contribution to the ITU Agenda

The philippines has been an active member of the ITU since 1912

The philippines shares ITU’s commitment to achieve the connect 2020 Agenda for Global Telecommunication/ICT Development by serving as a member of several Council Working groups, Co-organizing ITU workshops and participating in Various ICT development studies


⦿ Collaboration with Relevant Ministries on Measuring ICT Adoption within ASEAN

⦿ Feasibility Study on Restoring Connectivity Throug the USe of the Moveable and Deployable ICT Resources Unit(MDRU) in Cebu


⦿ ITU Regional Radiocomunication Seminar 2015 and Workshop on Satellite Coordination for Asia-Pacific (RRS-15-Asia-Pacific)

⦿ Digital Strategies for Development Summit 2015 (Knowledge Exchange Forum for Asia-Pacific and Beyond)

⦿ Assistance on the Amendment of the Philippine Telecommunications Law

⦿ Assistance on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Implementation with the support from Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

⦿ Development of the Philippine National Broadband Policy and Strategy, National Cybersecurity Policy and Programs


⦿ ITU Asia-Pacific Regional Development Forum 2016 (RDF ASP 2016)

⦿ Innovative Strategies for Development Summit 2016

⦿ ITU-ASEAN Workshop on Child Online Protection 2016

⦿ 2016 World Summit of Information Society (WSIS) Prizes Winner – Tech4ED Project (e-Employment Category)

⦿ Deployment and Turn-Over of Movable and Deployable ICT Resources Unit (MDRU) – ITU-MIC Japan Cooperation and Assistance to the Philippines

⦿ Cyber-incidence Handling training Workshop – ITU Cybersecurity Agenda

⦿ DICT-ITU Coding Boot Camps for Operators and Trainers Courses

⦿ e-Agriculture Project in the Philippines based on ITU-FAO e-Agriculture Strategy guild


⦿ Consultation and Kick-off Meeting on the WHO-ITU Tobacco Cessation initiative

⦿ Big Data Pilot Study in the Philippines


⦿ ITU Asia-Pacific ICT Indicators Workshop