The program seeks to establish new CeCs in municipalities where there are no shared internet access facilities, transform existing school computer laboratories and Internet cages, where feasible, to become CeCs and enhance and strengthen existing CeCs.

Initially, the program sought to realize the vision of “A Community eCenter in every Municipality” by 2010, and strengthen existing CeCs.  At this point, the new Strategic Roadmap for the Philippine CeC Program 2011-2016 takes off from this foundation in order to further diffuse the program down to the barangay level, embodied by the new vision of “Community eCenters Towards Self-Reliant Barangays.”

The following are the components of the PhilCeC program:

  • Establishment of CeCs
  • Transformation of school laboratories and Internet cafes into CeCs
  • Capability building
  • Content Development
  • Advocacy

Among the other identified activities prioritized under this component is the conduct of the Knowledge Exchange Conferences which will seek to facilitate coordination and networking among CeC beneficiaries (LCE and the CeC Manager), telecenter operators, and key players and stakeholders in the Philippine CeC arena.

A merit and award program, the Philippine CeC Excellence Awards, was launched to document best practices and to recognize the efforts of CeCs and CeC knowledge workers in their efforts to maintain the CeC as a valuable knowledge center in their area.

Status:  Year 1 (2010 – 2011); Year 2 – On-going