The Philippine Online Freelancers Conference or POFCON 2021 is a virtual conference that aims to gather all online professionals, freelancing industries, and graduates of Digital Jobs Program in an insightful discussion about the digital freelancing industry situation in the country. This event is comprised of 13 sessions, subdivided into various sessions, that will run for a total of 8 event days. The conference will be conducted twice a week for four consecutive weeks, starting November 11 until December 3, 2021. The conference will be accessible online to all interested participants who want to learn about the Philippine Freelancing Industry.

As one of the products of the event, the registration details collected for the event will be utilized as an inventory on the existing network of online professionals, as well as those who are planning to shift into digital freelancing which can eventually produce an online database for online professionals.

Additionally, we are encouraging everyone to participate in building the Philippine Online Freelancing Industry Roadmap 2022 to 2025. To know more about this, visit

Here are the following schedules for POFCON 2021: