Philippine  Roadmap for Digital Startups

The Philippine Roadmap For Digital Startups Is A Short And Long-Term Strategic Plan For The Philippine Startup Community And The Department Information and Communication (DICT) Technology Towards Developing Digital Innovation In The Country. The Goal of This Initiative Is to Generate Innovative Startups That Will Spur Economic Growth and to Find Solutions to Society’s Most Pressing and Pervasive Issues. This Roadmap Is A Framework That Clearly Defines Our Overall Direction To Push For Digital Innovation – One That Can Leverage The Country’s Resources To Its Highest Potential.


The Roadmap is divided into three parts:

  • The Internet-Related (Digital) Startup Ecosystem – Provides A Clear Definition Of Terms, Goals, And Benchmarks. A Summary Of Current Internet-Related Technology Ecosystems, As Well As One For The Current Philippine Startup Ecosystem, Is Included.


  • Patterns Of Technology Startup Ecosystem – Provides Insights From Various Startup Ecosystems Around The World, Highlighting Key Features Of Each Ecosystem. It Also Explores The Philippines’ Current Progress In Those Defined Key Areas As Well As A Swot Analysis Of The Local Ecosystem.


  • Action Plan – Enumerates The Short And Long-Term Recommendations For All Stakeholders To Improve The Philippine Digital Startup Ecosystem As Well As The Localized Programs Based On Existing Programs From International Ecosystems.


The Information And Findings In This Roadmap Are Gathered From Leading Local Technology Startup Founders, As Well As From Existing Literature Of Various Projects, Government Reports, And Affiliates Including Leading Universities And Startups.

For a complete copy of the document, please click on the link below:

Philippine  Roadmap for Digital Startups


Sen. Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV

Beryl Li – Senior Researcher, Philippine Roadmap For Digital Startups

Monchito Ibrahim – Program Director (eInnovation), DICT

Jojo Flores – Co-Founder, Plug And Play Technology Center

Arup Maity – President & Ceo, Blastasia Inc.

Tina Amper – Founder, Techtalks.Ph

Christian Besler – Vp & Co-Founder, Kickstart Ventures, Inc.

Earl Valencia – President & Co-Founder, Ideaspace Foundation, Inc