Manila, PH – Even in the midst of technological progress, radiocommunication remains a primary channel when it comes to relaying information from person to person. Most people continue to use radio frequency due to its ease of access, especially during times of emergency. In times of disaster, radiocommunication becomes instrumental in delivering crucial news vital to the survival of families and communities.

Aside from being utilized as a tool to deliver vital messages across communities, radiocommunication also serves an outlet for normal community messaging and activities such as local sports, community events, special events, and local business advertising. As such, proper management is needed to ensure that radiocommunication is used to its fullest potential.

That said, the International Telecommunication Union shall conduct its Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2015 and Workshop on Satellite Coordination for Asia-Pacific (RSS-15-Asia-Pacific) from the 25th to the 30th of May, with the participation of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT), and the Department of Communications, Government of Australia.


The 6-day event shall cover various topics concerning spectrum management which    will include the correct procedures pertaining to the recording of frequency    assignment in the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR), a review of the    modifications to the ITU Radio Regulations (RR) and WR Resolutions that were    agreed upon during the previous World Radio Conference (WRC-12), the    Radiocommunication Assembly (RA-12), as well as the upcoming WRC-15 agenda.    The current regulatory framework for international frequency management and the    ITU-R Recommendations and best practices shall also be focused.

Over the succeeding days, the event shall conduct workshops on Terrestrial Services, a  Regional Workshop on Satellite Coordination, wherein participants get the chance to  experience the actual procedures of ITU notification, apart from software and  electronic publications, all made available by the Radiocommunication Bureau to the Administration of Member States and to the ITU Sector Members; The RRS-15-Asia shall end with a Forum on “Space Planned Services: Current Status and Challenges” with the assistance of various regulators, operators, and other industry experts to offer a multidisciplinary take on the regulation, commercial, and technical aspects, as well as the future of such services in the region.

The Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) organizes world seminars on spectrum management in Geneva every two years. Administrations that are interested in hosting a regional seminar may contact the BR and, subject to availability of time and resources, the BR undertakes all the necessary steps to organize the event. Such seminars provide member states the necessary knowledge and understanding about spectrum management. The BR gives priority to developing countries and member states that have joined the Union.



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