Q: Is it possible to have co-mentors?

A: Co-mentorship is allowed and encouraged especially for projects that tackle different areas of expertise. Official mentors are encouraged to collaborate with other professors / industry experts to provide additional domain knowledge to the teams. Although there will be only one (1) official mentor to be considered for the lineup.



Q: Is it okay to go beyond the required number of team members?

A: Official team composition is composed of four members: three student teams and one mentor. If needed, the teams may seek assistance from others mentors/students. Co- mentors and extra members may be credited but are not considered in the official team lineup.



Q: Does the competition allow teams with student members from different schools?

A: Yes. Provided that necessary authorization from parents and or academic institution is secured as needed and that the Official team mentor will take responsibility for the guidance of the student team as a supervising adult.



Q: Is it possible to change team members even if the official team members were enlisted? A: Yes. If the need arises, the team may change the composition of student members. Incase of changes in team line-up, the organizers should be informed of details and valid reason for the changes.





Q: Is it allowed to submit ideas, which have already been entered / have already won in  other competitions?

A: Yes, as long as the projects / product is not yet commercialized



Q: Is it required to have the prototype/MVP in the video pitch?

A: It is not necessary to have the final product/prototype in the INITIAL video pitch. Idea phase is acceptable for as long as the team will be able to discuss the feasibility of the idea: the envisioned product functionalities, the pain it addresses, who are the target customers, etc..



Q: How important is the development of the MVP for the PSC? When do teams show their final  MVP?

A: The goal of the PSC is to encourage and empower the teams to turn ideas into reality and it is critical that teams envision and execute their ideas through building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). For Initial call for entries the competition welcomes ideation stage and a “vision” of the MVP. Selected 24 teams for both tracks are expected to continuously develop their MVP as progress will be checked and rated in the follow up mentoring sessions for selection of Top 10. Finalists are REQUIRED to show / demo their MVP during the finals.