This is the Information Division of the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

TodayNovember 16, we have learned that there has been a new phishing attack from a sender masquerading but in fact is The subject line reads “Information and communications technology office – DICT”.

We would like to emphasize that the email address ( being spoofed has been deactivated.

In the event that you receive a message fitting this description, close the message immediately and report it as spam. However, some spam may occasionally get through to your inbox or be diverted to your Junk Folder, so please be cautious.

Phishing is a fraudulent process used by spammers to acquire sensitive information from users such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. Email recipients are often deceived by phishing attempts since messages appear to be sent by legitimate and trustworthy sources.

We at the DICT are doing our best to curb this kind of email fraud. We, though, still strongly advise the public to stay vigilant regarding such malicious online activities.

For further concern and inquiries, you may reach us at .

Attached here is the screenshot of the recent phishing email.