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Government services can be safer, faster and more efficient with the use of PNPKI. This video features a short introduction into PNPKI and its benefits.

2. Submitting an Online Application Process

Featured here is a video tutorial on how you can apply online for your own digital certificate. A digital certificate is a file that works as a digital ID to ensure your personal information is safe over the Internet.

3. Installing the Digital Certificate

These video will guide you on how to install the Digital Certificate once you receive an email notifying you that they are ready for download.

OPTIONAL: 3.1. Steps for Installing Chain of Trust

Applicants who have completed the registration requirements will receive an e-mail within 2-3 business days containing his/her digital certificate download credentials. This video walks you through the first step on how to install the Digital Certificate Chain of Trust.

3.2.Process on Requesting for Certificates

This video will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting your Certificate Enrollment and requesting for Signing Certificate.

NOTE: Please be informed that the information shown in the video such as the username and password are only for tutorial video purposes, and we recommend users to refrain from copying this information while applying for YOUR OWN digital certificate.

Moreover, we instruct everyone to carefully review your certificate information before you  request for your certificate.

3.3. Downloading and Installing Certificate

This video will teach you how to create a certificate backup once your request status has been updated to “Issued”.

NOTE: Always check your Inbox for e-mails from the PNPKI team containing links for downloading of files and the login portal. Also, carefully note and remember your password, as the PNPKI team cannot reset the backup password of your certificate.

3.4 Installing Certificates in Windows Keystore

This video tutorial features the final step for digital certificate registration and focuses on how to install the digital certificate in your Windows Keystore.

4. Digital Signature in a PDF with Adobe Reader

Individuals who have completed the registration process may now use the digital certificate to digitally sign PDF documents using ADOBE Acrobat reader and send it via e-mail.

This video features the process of creating the digital signature to sign PDF documents, validating said signature, and adding authoritative timestamps to the PDF file.