SSL Certificate

For organizations requesting SSL certificates, the following requirements shall be complied:

  1. Duly accomplished SSL application form.
  2. One passport size recent colored photograph of the representative.
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate or valid Philippine Passport of the representative.
  4. Photocopy of the representative’s UMID or any two valid IDs with signature and picture (Back-to-back copies).
  5. ID issued by the company/agency giving the authority.
  6. Authorization letter, signed by the head of the organization, naming the authorized representative/s; and
  7. Certification from the Philippine Government Internet Domain Name Registry validating the authenticity of the entity’s domain name or other domain name registry operating in the Philippines and recognized by the PNPKI; or, any proof of ownership of the domain name.

IMPORTANT: Please bring the original of photocopied documents.


  • In the application form’s Applicant Detail, please indicate the Agency TIN (3D) and Agency GSIS No. (3E).
  • In the Contact Details, please indicate the contact number of the Agency and the contact no. (land line or cell) of the representative (4G).
  • Indicate also the Agency email address and the Representative’s email address (4I)

For further inquiries and submission of application, please email