8 July 2019 – Another campaign promise of President Rodrigo Duterte was fulfilled on Monday as the government awarded the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to new major player Mislatel consortium.

President Duterte himself graced the awarding ceremony, which was held at Malacanang Palace.

Led by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the awarding of the CPCN officially greenlights the third telco’s operation in the country.

The entry of a third telco player is one of President Duterte’s campaign promise in order to promote genuine competition in the industry and to improve the country’s telecommunication services.

Mr. Dennis Uy accepted the CPCN on behalf of the Mislatel consortium, which posted a 25.7-billion pesos performance bond for their commitments as the new major player.

The winning consortium of the third telco bid, comprised of Mislatel, Udenna Corporation, China Telecom, and Chelsea Logistics, promised to offer 55 Mbps of Internet speed that covers 84.01% of the population in five years. They also intend to spend 257 Billion pesos in infrastructure and service rollout during said period.