The COMELEC Advisory Council (CAC) is inviting all Automated Election System providers/developers to participate in the 2017 Automated Election System (AES) Technology Fair on 26-27 July 2017. The Fair will feature the latest technology available in the market, including locally developed AES technologies.


Participation is free of charge and participating AES providers/developers shall be given time within the AES Technology Fair to present, demonstrate and discuss their technology.


For interested AES providers/developers, their technology should have the following:


  1. Adequate security against unauthorized access;


  1. Accuracy in recording and reading of votes as well as in the tabulation, consolidation/canvassing, electronic transmission, and storage of results;


  1. Error recovery in case of non-catastrophic failure of device;


  1. System integrity which ensures physical stability and functioning of the vote recording and counting process;


  1. Provision for voter verified paper audit trail;


  1. System auditability which provides supporting documentation for verifying the correctness of reported election results;


  1. An election management system for preparing ballots and programs for use in the casting and counting of votes and to consolidate, report and display election results in the shortest time possible;


  1. Accessibility to illiterates and disabled voters;


  1. Vote tabulating program for election, referendum or plebiscite;


  1. Accurate ballot counters;


  1. Data retention provision;


  1. Provide for the safekeeping, storing and archiving of physical or paper resource used in the election process;


  1. Utilize or generate official ballots as herein defined;


  1. Provide the voter a system of verification to find out whether or not the machine has registered his choice;


  1. Configure access control for sensitive system data and functions; and


  1. Address any other concerns and issues that were observed during past  Automated Elections since 2010.


Republic Act No. 9369 mandates the CAC to recommend the most appropriate, secure, applicable and cost-effective technology to be applied in the AES, in whole or in part, at that specific point in time. Thus, the event will be a venue for the CAC to explore prevailing technologies.


For participation queries and other concerns, you may contact the CAC Secretariat, through Ms. Jocelyn V. Tendenilla, Ms. Rochelle E. Penullar, and Ms. Katrina O. Ner at the following contact details:



Office Phone:  (+632) 920-0101 local 1611 or 3004