The Juan Konek! Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project is in the process of beginning its official implementation across the localities of the Philippines.

The initial roll out of the project would provide a total of seven thousand one hundred eighteen (7,118) sites covering one thousand sixteen (1,016) total localities. Each locality will correspond to a unique captive portal page which will feature localized content.

Content development should be done for all these localities. Given that the project roll out will be gradual, so as the content development services. As more sites are added, more localities are added in the captive portal content development service which will eventually cover the total.

The ICT Office has previously issued a request for information regarding the management of content development for the captive portal pages.  After a series of consultations, it has been agreed upon to change the specifications of deliverables. Following are the changes to be implemented in the service procurement:

  1. Frequency – Content should be updated twice a month or every ten (10) to fourteen (14) days instead of every seven (7) days to ensure content readership and that written content does not simply go to waste.
  1. Relevance Level – All content to be written should be localized and relevant at least at the provincial level.
  1. Language Used – Each content written should be done in two versions: one in the English language and another in the local language of the province. Among which only one of each pair should be published so that there will appear in the captive portal pages one English article and one in the province’s local language.

The winning firm shall be responsible for the following general responsibilities.

  1. Editorial – Review Local Government Unit’s postings and do necessary edits based on the quality guidelines.
  1. Content Development – Write content according to relevance level requirement and quality guidelines
  1. Technology Transfer – Training of the LGU content developers should be planned out and executed within the duration of the contract.
  1. Reporting – All content posting activities both by the firm’s content developers and the LGU’s as well as training activities and progress shall be monitored, tracked and reported by the service provider to the ICT Office and, whenever applicable, to the SMA and LGU.

Interested firms are invited to contact Mr. Jefferson Lizardo of the Information Division at for more information.

Partner firms looking to submit their proposals and pricing breakdown may do so through email by sending it to and

We will be looking forward to your response.



Officer-In-Charge, Information Division


To see the previous inquiry, please click below for your reference:
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