Dear Partners,

The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology is now currently implementing the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project. The Project seeks to provide free Wi-Fi connectivity to 966 municipalities and 43 major cities. Whereas each locality, having a total of 1009, will be served a unique captive portal page.

Each Local Government Unit beneficiary of the Free Wi-Fi service will designate one organic personnel to be responsible for updating content of their assigned pages. These designated individuals will be responsible for either curating existing content from their LGU websites or writing fresh ones.

With providing quality service and adding value to public users in mind, the captive portal pages are designed so that it will serve fresh localized content every week. That means there will be at least 1,009 posts per week or at least 4,036 a month.

To ensure sustainability and a maintained level of quality for the published content, a management system for reviewing, editing and approving the publishing of each post should be put in place. Considering the scale of this task, the ICT Office is looking for third party service providers to propose their solutions in managing content postings, as well as the activities of Local Content Administrators within the captive portal’s content management system.

The following will be the responsibility of the third-party content management service provider:

  1. Develop content quality guidelines in partnership with the ICT Office.
  2. Review and do necessary edits on submitted content for possible grammatical errors, and make sure that it adheres to the quality guidelines.
  3. Assess quality of submitted content based on quality guidelines jointly developed by the ICT Office and the third party service provider.
  4. Approve submitted content and publish in a timely manner.
  5. Ensure that no captive portal page is served without content, outdated or displays unacceptable content which may include generating and publishing content for the pages.
  6. Generate content based on the guidelines if necessary. Cover up for local content administrators who’s circumstances makes them unable to submit content.

Partner firms are sought to provide the service within a year period.

Partners are invited to submit their proposals complete with pricing breakdown to

For inquiries and further details, please send an email to

We will be looking forward to your proposals.



Officer-In-Charge, Information Division