Acting Secretary Eliseo M. Rio, Jr. on DICT's Vision 2020

Entry of the New Major Player (NMP) in the telecommunications market is pivotal in achieving DICT’s Vision 2020, said Acting Secretary Eliseo Rio, Jr. during a press conference on Friday, 20 July 2018.

Vision 2020 is the short-term vision of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) where impact of every program, project and initiative will be felt by the Filipino people. “Watch out for Vision 2020. The DICT will bring the ICT industry to the level that the Filipino people will be proud of,” Acting Secretary Rio said.

The entry of the NMP in the Philippine market is upon the mandate of President Rodrigo Duterte to the DICT to address the paramount national interest on the quality of the internet connection in the country. The added major player will stir up genuine competition in the telco market and consequently lower the prices and improve the quality of the services brought by the telco players.

The NMP will do some commitment that are never done by the existing telco players, said Sec Rio during the meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG) on the entry of the NMP. “Filipinos can now expect a faster internet speed in a lower cost,” he added.

After a series of stakeholder consultations, Oversight Committee and TWG meetings, a version of the Terms of Reference (ToR) was finally decided upon on Friday during the Oversight Committee’s meeting. The Highest Committed Level of Service (HCLoS) was chosen over auction as the mode of selection for the entry of the NMP.

Through the HCLoS Terms of Reference (TOR), the participant with the highest points gained on the basis of coverage (40%), speed (20%) and financial capability (40%) in the next five years will be named as the NMP.

Vision 2020 also foresees tangible development and impact of other DICT-led initiatives such as the National Broadband Plan (NBP), Free Internet Access or Pipol Konek, the government owned and operated cable landing station and the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure.