What is the DICT Startup Community Champions Initiative?


It is a project by the Department of Information and Communications Technology in partnership with various institutions in the Philippine Innovation community, initiated with the goal to increase the capabilities of promising innovation clusters all around the Philippines through the identification of high-potential and high-commitment persons who can take on the role as Startup Community Champions. These Champions are an integral ingredient to the growth of the respective innovation communities they belong to in spurring activity, connections and support for the stakeholders that work within their clusters.


What does it take to grow innovation communities?


Startups – businesses that use technology as one of their core ingredients to scale their business – are integral indicators of a thriving innovation community. As a Startup Community Champion, it is essential to have a good pulse and engagement with startup founders and their businesses in his or her community in the pursuit of identifying growth gaps and addressing them accordingly. Equipping people in the community with technological capabilities is also important to build capabilities of people to possess domain expertise needed in building a startup. In addition to this, creating opportunities for collision between talented people is important. This is to pave the way for people to collaborate and start business ventures. The Startup Community Champion serves as the middle point to the plethora of activities that can be done in stimulating engagements with startups and startup enthusiasts.


Who are the institutional partners of DICT in this project?


IdeaSpace, a non-profit organization that advocates for science & technology innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development, is supporting DICT with the program structure of the initiative as well as the implementation of the Startup Champions Summit.


NICP is the recognized national organization of ICT Councils in the Philippines. Through the years, the organization has served as the unified voice for the Philippine Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector. They are supporting DICT with the promotion of the initiative in their respective communities as well as in the vetting process of selecting the best Startup Champion in their clusters.

Why would I want to be a Startup Champion?

Do you want to be a leader?
Do you have a love for community and startup culture?
Do you want to be source of change and inspiration?
Do you want to be a force multiplier in your community?
Do you want to inspire others in creating new technologies and innovations?

If you answer YES! To all of these, then you want to be a Startup Champion!


What does it take to be a Startup Community Champion?


A Startup Community Champion has the following awesome traits!

  • He or she is a resident of the cluster that he or she serves
  • He or she has a great understanding, immersion and appreciation of technology and startups
  • He or she is involved in community initiatives in his or her cluster. He or she finds passion and enthusiasm in initiating these community initiatives
  • He or she loves working with people, derives satisfaction in enabling the growth of people and businesses, is curious, is a self-starter, is open-minded and adapts the entrepreneurial mindset
  • He or she is motivated to join the Startup Community Champions Summit on November 15-17, 2018 in order to improve his or her skills and capabilities in being an effective Startup Community Leader
  • He or she has filled up the Startup Community Champions Application here.
  • He or she is committed to initiate and implement innovation and startup development projects in his or her community in the next 12 months
  • He or she agrees to serve as a liaison of his or her local ICT council for innovation and startup community initiatives


What is my role as a Startup Community Champion?


There are no hard-set rules of being a Startup Community Champion. You just need to be committed in spreading awesomeness in your community by connecting people, getting them together, mobilizing resources, enabling learning in tech and startups for your cluster, and have fun while you are at it! If you are selected to represent your cluster as a Startup Community Champion, you will be equipped with the know-how and connections to help you get growth ideas for your community off the ground. In turn, you will be empowered to lead these initiatives and make them happen for your community!


What is the Startup Community Champions Summit?


The Startup Community Champions Summit is a 3-day event happening on November 15-17, 2018 in Manila, Philippines. It involves a series of talks, workshops and mixers with the goal to equip the 25 selected Startup Community Champions representing the various clusters across the Philippines in order to build their capabilities in helping their respective startup communities grow.

Travel to and from Manila, event participation and accommodations during the 3-day period will be covered.


How do I qualify to become the chosen Startup Community Champion for my Region?

It’s exciting to have you consider applying to help your startup community get to the next level! Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:


  • Has a great understanding of how important the roles of technology and startups are in enabling economic and social development in his or her region
  • Possesses the passion to help communities learn, thrive and grow
  • Is a natural leader, is driven and motivated to start key engagements with community stakeholders and sustain them
  • Has a great track record of resource mobilization and instigating positive impact in his or her community


I have other questions not captured by this brief. Who do I ask?


We’re happy to answer your questions! Feel free to email them at startupchampions@dict.gov.ph