After considering the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions, the BAC4IGOV hereby decides to include, revise, amend, delete and/or adapt the following provisions:

Script for Live Demonstration/Proof of Concept of Proposed Application Software

1. General guidelines for conducting the Live Demonstration/Proof of Concept

Following are the general guidelies applicable and to be taken into consideration:

a. The consultants shall be asked to present a Live Demonstration (Demo)/Proof of Concept (POC) of the cloud solution proposed for the GovCloud addresssing the requirements included in this document. The key objective of this Demo/POC is to evaluate the extent of out of the box functionality available in the system and its applicability in the context and requirements of the GovCloud project.

b. The consultant shall ensure that demonstration is conducted only using the proposed tools for GovCloud in their technical proposal and shall not use any other tools/software for this purpose.

c. The consultants shall bring laptops and all accessories (e.g. network and power cables) required for demonstration. DOST-ICTO will not provide any server space, client systems, system software or network connectivity required for demonstration.

d. While the tentative schedule for the Demo/POC is already included in the bidding documents, the specific schedule for Demo/POC shall be notified one week (5 working days) prior to the scheduled date. All the costs required for providing the demonstration shall be borne by the consultants.

e. The consultants shall ensure that the demonstration is conducted and completed within the stipulated time allocated for the consultant.

f. For any clarifications required on the Demo/POC script, the consultant may contact DOST-ICTO at the email address

2. Scope of Live Demonstration/Proof of Concept required from Consultants

a. Creation of accounts in the self-service portal either through manual creation by the overall system administrator or registration by the end-user. The bidder must be able to create at least 2 accounts. The accounts must have a pre-allocation of resources (e.g. Number of VMs, storage, etc.) by which the end-user can appropriate independently according to his needs.

b. Creation of a service catalogue offering a compute-as-aservice setup within the self-service portal. The services will be as follows:
– Latest CentOS operating system (base OS only)
– Windows 2012 R2 operating system (base OS only)
– Predefined Tier 2 block storage available as additional storage to the end-user

c. End users should be able to deploy VMs from the service catalogue in a multi-tier network architecture (e.g. Frontend in one network segment and backend in another network segment)

d. The bidder should demonstrate monitoring capabilities of the self-service portal i.e.. Resource monitoring (performance and capacity monitoring).

e. The bidder should be able to decommission the resources that have been allocated previously and show that these resources have been returned to the resource pool.

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Supplemental Bid Bulletin No.1 – Procurement of Consultancy Services for the Design, Build and Operate of a Complete Cloud Solution for the Philippine Government Agencies

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