This Supplemental Bid Bulletin is being issued to clarify, modify or amend item/s in the Bid Documents.

Sale and Issuance of Bid Documents
From 1 October 2015, 9 AMto 1 October 2015, 12 Noon From 1 October 2015, 9AM to21 October 2015, 12 Noon

All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.For information and guidance of all concerned.

To download this bidding document, click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 1 – Supply and Delivery of One (1) Lot Brand New Laptops and Scanners

Issued this 5th day of October 2015

Chairman, BAC4IGOV