Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 1


Supply and Delivery of PKI Software License and Technical Support




Please be advised of the changes in the schedule of the Submission and Opening of Bids for this project:


Activity Previous Schedule Revised Schedule
Bid Submission 6 June 2016

12 Noon

10 June 2016

12 Noon

Bid Opening 6 June 2016

2 PM

10 June 2016

2 PM


After considering the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions, the BAC4IGOV hereby decides to include, revise, amend, delete and/or adapt the following provisions:


1 For the reason that it is not clearly stated in the Bid Document, that a Philippine Local company can form a JVA with a foreign company. SecureMetric Technology Sdn Bhd is our related entity incorporated in Malaysia with common directors and shareholders; and that SecureMetric Technology Inc., is reporting to SecureMetric Technology Sdn Bhd. As per Section 23.2 of the IRR of RA 9184, “Subject to Section 37.1. of this IRR, in the case of foreign bides, the foregoing eligibility requirements under Class ‘A’ Documents may be substituted by the appropriate equivalent documents, if any, issued by the country of the foreign bidder concerned. The eligibility requirements or statements, the bids, and all other documents to be submitted to the BAC must be in English, it must be accompanied by a translation of the documents in English. The documents shall be translated by the relevant foreign government agency, the foreign government agency authorized to translate documents, or a registered translator in the foreign bidder’s country; and shall be authenticated by the appropriate Philippine foreign service establishment/post or the equivalent office having jurisdiction over the foreign bidder’s affairs in the Philippines.”


Verification and validation of the submitted Class ‘A’ Documents of the foreign JV partner will be done during post qualification.

2 All our legal and business documents have our old address; recently we just transferred to a new office. Would all our documents be accepted? Is there additional documents need to be submitted? As per section 26.1 of the IRR, “A bidder may modify its bid provided, that this is done before the deadline for submission and receipt of bids. Where a bidder modifies its bid, it shall not be allowed to retrieve its original bid, but shall only be allowed to send another bid equally sealed, properly identified, linked to its original bid and marked as a “modification”, thereof, and stamped “received by the BAC. Bid modifications received after the applicable deadline shall not be considered and shall be returned to the bidder unopened.”


Bidder may modify their bid submission to reflect the new address as long as it is compliant with the above stated provision of the IRR.


3 Page 38, 1. Referring to ii, we have just transferred to a new office, and also had recently renewed our Mayor’s Permit but with the old address, is this still accepted? What work around that we can do to address different government issued certificates or documents bearing our old address? Please refer to BAC4IGOV’s Response to Item #2.
4 Page 39, NFCC 1. If our total computation with the NFCC is less than ABC, is there a work around we can prove other financial capability like letter of support from MY or add’l copies of MY AFS? As per of the IRR of RA9184:

“The Bidder must submit a computation of its Net Financial Contracting Capacity (NFCC) which must be at least equal to the ABC to be bid, calculated as follows:

NFCC = [(Current assets minus current liabilities) (K)] minus the value of all outstanding or uncompleted portions of the projects under ongoing contracts, including awarded contracts yet to be started coinciding with the contract for this Project.




K = 10 for a contract duration of one year or less, 15 for a contract duration of more than one year up to two years, and 20 for a contract duration of more than two years.

The values of the bidder’s current assets and current liabilities shall be based on the data submitted to the BIR, through its Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS).”


We would like to remind that submission of NFCC, which must be at least equal to the ABC of the project, by any of the Joint Venture partner constitutes compliance.

5 Page 49, 36.1 (c) 1. Please further clarify the definition of “Goods”. Since the cost of the Warranty and Service Level Agreements will include Support (Phone, email), does the support provided as part of the Agreements constitute as “general support services” mentioned in 36.1(c) or “The Services” as defined in 36.1(d)? Its 36.1(c) refers to general support services whereas 36.1(d) refers to
incidental services.
6 Page 49, 36.1 (c) 2. Warranty Agreement and Service level Agreement is listed as a deliverable in the payment schedule, does this mean the said Agreement is considered as matching the Definition of “The Goods”? Yes.
7 Page 72, Technical Specifications 1. Do we need to create another SLA Contract when the specifics are in page 73, 74 and 75 Yes.
8 Page 75, #6 Payment Schedule 1. What are the inclusions in the Warranty specifically referring to HSM? Page 74, Number 3.
9 Page 75, #6 Confidentiality 1. Will an NDA be provided by the purchaser or is having non-disclosure terms in the Service Level Agreement sufficient? Separate document.
10 Page 67, Incidental Services 1. Since there are no separate charges for “Technical Support” and Services that are included in the Warranty and Service Level Agreements, we assume that there is no need to separate the cost of such services. Please clarify if this assumption is correct. Yes.
11 Page 67, 2. Is the purchaser requesting for Administrator and Operator training of the systems in question to be included as part of the Service Level Agreement? Yes.



All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.


For information and guidance of all concerned.For a complete copy of the document, please click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 1-Supply and Delivery of PKI Software License and Technical Support

Issued this 3rd day of June 2016.





Chairperson, BAC4IGOV