Bid Reference No. DICTBAC-2019-029

1 Can we offer Higher Capacity batteries? And dimension is a few mm bigger than the existing batteries. The weight is also heavier since it has also higher capacity. The weight maybe 0.5kg heavier Prospective Bidders can offer higher battery capacity provided that the maximum dimensions per battery block will not be exceeded. The weight per battery block can be 2% more than the maximum.
2 Certificated of Performance Evaluation should we use DICT format Annex VII page 97 of Bid Docs or our client’s format? Please use the provided Annex VII form
3 Would it be possible to include that the bidder should be a Tier 1 partner or any equivalent that is the highest-level partnership to the existing brand of UPS in DICT. This is to ensure the expertise and capability of the bidder on installing and configuring both the UPS and batteries, in addition the UPS as a critical system for DICT will need an assistance from Principal/manufacturer for the Calibration of the UPS. We will not require prospective Bidders to be Tier 1 partner of the existing brand of UPS in DICT. Our existing contractor for the Preventive Maintenance Service is capable of performing the required configuration and calibration of said UPS.

All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.

For information and guidance of all concerned.For a full copy of the document, Click the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 1 – Supply, Delivery and Installation, Testing Commissioning of Sixty (60) Blocks of 230AH VRLA Industrial Batteries for Parallel 200kVA Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Issued this 11th day of November 2019.

[Original Signed]


Vice Chairperson, DICTBAC