In relation to the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions for the aforementioned project, hereunder is the official response of the BAC4IGOV:

Query BAC4IGOV’s Response
In the form of Annex I-B particularly on the table of ongoing contracts – what does the column of the Number of Participants is referring to? We have attached revised Annex I-B Statement of All Ongoing Contracts and Completed Contracts. Please use this revised form in completing your bid documents.
Since the bids are for eligibility, do we need to pay for the official bid documents? No. Selling of bid documents will only be available to the shortlisted companies.
“Single Largest Completed Contract Similar to the Project in terms of size and Complexity”
Does the document have to be in one P.O. or Contract only? Is it possible that we pass different POs but for the same single project only?
Yes. We are looking for declaration of Single Largest Completed Contract. We expect this to be evidenced with the issuance of one P.O.

All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.

To download the form, click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 2 – Procurement of Consultancy Services, Software Components, Licenses and Professional Services to Implement the Cloud-Bases Platform-as-a-Service Environment of the iGov Government Common Platform
For information and guidance of all concerned.


Chairman, BAC4iGov