This supplemental bid bulletin No. 2 is issued to modify or amend items in the Bidding Documents. This shall form as an integral part of the Bid Documents.

Page Section Reference Documents Amendments Bases of Amendments
66 Section VII – Technical Specifications – Termination Point, Item No. 3.1 Item 3.1. The Service shall terminate at the “IP Core” Service provided by the System Management & Access (SMA) Service of the PROJECT located at each of the following locations: 1. DOST ICT Office along C.P. Garcia Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City, 2. DOST ASTI Office along C.P. Garcia Avenue in Diliman, Quezon City As part of the clarifications, is there an option to deliver one of the two circuits to ASTI Coloc site at MK2 Data Center instead of ASTI CP Garcia? Answer: No. The service must be delivered to the two (2) nodes given under 3.1. The bandwidth should nominally be equally divided between the two. Originally, MK2 was included among the termination point options. However, due to technical limitations, as well as limitations of the accessibility of the MK2 facility, it was eventually removed as a termination point option. BAC approved to include the answer made in the item 3.1 as integral part of the bid documents
68 Section VII – Technical Specifications – Interface, Item No. 3.1 Item 6.1. The SERVICE shall provide two (2) 10G ports at each of the Termination Points specified above. As part of the clarifications, what is the purpose of the 2nd 10G port on each terminating site? Will this be a backup or will be used for any expansion? Answer: The IPTI Service will terminate at the Core of the System Management and Access (SMA) service. The Core shall be implemented as a 2-node fallover cluset with a node at each of the two Termination Points. Hence, it is necessary that the full bandwidth of the IPTI be made available at both of the Termination Points. Since the maximum bandwidth of the IPTI shall exceed 10G, each noed must have two 10G ports. The above is regardless of whether the 99.8% availability without bandwidth protection is used, or 99.5% availability with 50% protection is used. In addition, there are no link implementation constraints or requirements. It is entirely up to the provider whether it will use new or existing or shared existing infrastructure. BAC approved to include the answer made in the item 6.1 as integral part of the bid documents
69 Section VII – Technical Specifications – Other Technical Requirements, Item No. 8.4 Item No. 8.4. The SERVICE must peer with PH OpenIX, with a connection capacity of at least one-eight (1/8) of the “base bandwidth”, with all its owned prefixes advertised. Compliace shall be a requirement for acceptance. As part of the clarifications, is it the service provider (who) should have a direct peering to PHOpenIX or the IP transit provider? Answer: it should be the service provider. It would however be acceptable that the service provider comply with this through a partner or subcontractor. BAC approved to include the answer made in the item 6.1 as integral part of the bid documents

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Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 2 – Procurement of International IP Transport Services – Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project

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