Please be advised of the changes in the schedule of the Submission and Opening of Bids for this project:

Activity Previous Schedule Revised Schedule
Submission of Bids 4 December 2015

12 Noon

8 December 2015

12 Noon

Opening of Bids 4 December 2015

2 PM

8 December 2015

3 PM

After considering the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions, the BAC4IGOV hereby decides to include, revise, amend, delete and/or adapt the following provisions:

Item Query BAC4IGOV’s Response
1 Annex VIII-A – may we request on the information on the filling up of the form especially columns 5-9. For goods from abroad, information pertaining to the cost must be provided based on the items as listed in the detailed financial breakdown showing the information as required in ITB Clause 15.4 (page 21) of the Bidding Documents.
2 Since the goods refer to Warranty and Support for NPKI, it’s not something that can be segregated which is from PH or abroad. Thus, we want to ask whether we have to submit both (A and B) or (A OR B)? If from Abroad, are we subjected to Withholding Tax if services or goods are from Abroad? If so, how much? The bidder may opt to submit one or the other or both depending on their particular circumstances. In any case, an amount will be withheld in compliance with existing laws and regulations.  Kindly refer to the tax table titled “Monthly Remittance Of Value-Added Taxes And Other Percentage Taxes Withheld” at
3 If the Requirement is to submit Product Brochure, since we are offering SLA, what can we submit in place of the brochure since this is a service level agreement? Brochures or other printed literature to be submitted must contain information relating to the services being offered (SLA/warranty/support/maintenance).  A service level agreement is a document which will form part of the contract and will only be signed and issued immediately prior to the commencement of the contract period.
4 Annex X – Certificate of Performance Evaluation – Since we have implemented PNPKI, will there be a conflict of interest if we are to request it from Mr Rene Mendoza or Mr Rage Callao to have signed? Or the authorized representative of the PNPKI Project? You may request to have it signed by other authorized representative from ASTI other than Mr. Rage Callao or you may request from your other clients.
5 There are supporting documents that we can show however, it has to be redacted since we have signed an NDA with all of our clients and some of that have been with government entities of different countries.  Would this be alright with the BAC Committee? Any of the required supporting documents must be submitted. It must contain information that will allow the procuring entity to verify the information provided as well as the authenticity of the documents submitted as part of the bid proposal during the post-qualification phase.
6 Based on the Technical Specifications, “3. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) 3.1. The support agreement shall include extended hardware warranty and maintenance which shall cover replacement of parts and services necessary to keep the PKI equipment operational on a 24/7 basis.”


Please help clarify the requirement to have 24/7 for the HSMs.

The requirement is there to ensure that the PKI is always in operational status.  The supplier should provide the necessary contingencies to comply with this requirement.
7 Please help clarify Section VIII. Bidding Forms, Annex 4 Line No. 2, the said item Line No. 2 is blank. What are the inputs needed in here? Please advise. If the document to be clarified refers to the Technical Bid Form, Line No. 2 may contain the list of software/hardware which is within the scope of the services/warranty being offered.

All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.


Kindly use the following forms attached in this Supplemental Bid Bulletin:


  • Revised Annex VIII-B as of 02 December 2015
  • Revised Checklist of Documents as of 02 December 2015

To download this bidding document, click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 2 – Procurement of One (1) Year Continuing Software Technical Support and Warranty for the Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI)

For information and guidance of all concerned.

Chairman, BAC4IGOV