Please be advised of the changes in the schedule of the Bid Submission and Bid Opening for this project:

Bid Submission 14 June 2015

12 Noon

21 July 2015

12 Noon

Bid Opening 14 June 2015

2 PM

21 July 2015

2 PM

In relation to the issued Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 1 and 2, further amendments were made in the Revised Detailed Financial Breakdown.

Below are the amendments adopted:

Original Stipulation Amended Stipulation
Detailed Financial Breakdown Qty

1 Lot

Revised Detailed Financial Breakdown Qty

12 Months

  Please use the Revised Detailed Financial Breakdown (Annex VII-A) attached in this Supplemental Bid Bulletin.

Amendments / inclusions / clarifications made herein shall be construed as an integral part of the Bidding Documents.

To download this bidding document, kindly click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 3 – Lease of Room Space in a Data Center Facility and Services



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OIC, Office of the Director, ASTI