Please be advised of the changes in the schedule of the Bid Submission and Bid Opening for this project:

Bid Submission 14 June 201512 Noon 21 July 201512 Noon
Bid Opening 14 June 20151 PM 21 July 20151 PM

In relation to Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 1 and 2 issued, the BAC4IGOV hereby issues further amendments and revisions to the following provisions:

1. Terms of Reference
2. Bid Data Sheet, ITB Clause 12.1 TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS
3. Section V. Special Conditions of the Contract (SCC), GCG Clause 10.1
4. “Revised Schedule of Requirements”
5. Technical Bid Form, Annex V
6. Financial Bid Form, Revised Annex VII
7. Annex VII-A-Detailed Financial Breakdown of Section VIII-Bidding Form
8. Revised Annex VIII-A (For Goods Offered From Abroad) and Revised VIII-B (For Goods Offered From Within the Philippines)

Please use the Revised Technical Specifications, Revised Schedule of Requirements, Revised Annex V, Revised Annex VII, Revised Annex VII-A, Revised Annex VIII-A, Revised Annex VIII-B and Revised Checklist of Requirements for Bidders attached in this Supplemental Bid Bulletin.

Amendments / inclusions / clarifications made herein shall be construed as an integral part of the Bidding Documents.

To download the bidding document, kindly click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 3 – Maintenance of DOST-ICTO Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) Networks in Metro Manila and Cebu Area, Including Supply and Delivery of FOC Network Maintenance Supplies and Materials



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