Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 3


Procurement of Phase 2 International IP Transport (IPTI2) Service


Bid Reference No.: BAC4FREEWIFI-2016-05-009


Please be advised of the changes in the schedule of the Submission and Opening of Bids for this project:


Activity Previous Schedule Revised Schedule
Submission of Bids 30 June 2016

12 Noon

8 July 2016

12 Noon

Bid Opening 30 June 2016

1 PM

8 July 2016

1 PM


After considering the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions, the BAC4FREEWIFI hereby decides to include, revise, amend, delete and/or adapt the following provisions:


1 We would to point out that our previous clarification is on the propriety of the submission of CLC in lieu of the NFCC, and not as bid security under Section 18.1 of the ITB. Also, the CLC was previously allowed by the BAC during the Procurement of IP Transport Municipal Services Phase 2 (IPTM2) Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project as alternative to NFCC. Hence, we would like to clarify the BAC’s basis in determining that the “CLC does not conform to existing laws and standards of government procurement”. We note that under the Revised IRR of Republic Act No. 9184, a bidder may submit, in lieu of NFCC, a commitment from a Universal or Commercial Bank to extend a credit line in favor of the prospective bidder if awarded the contract to be bid (“CLC”). Per GPPB Resolution 20-2013,

“WHEREAS, during the 5th Regular GPPB Meeting held on 30 July 2013, the Board discussed the recommendations of the IATWG, and, after thorough discussion and careful deliberation, resolved to retain the current NFCC formula, subject to the following modifications:

1.  CLC shall no longer be accepted as an alternative to the prospective bidder’s computation of NFCC;

2.  The values of the bidder’s current assets and current liabilities shall be based on the data submitted to the BIR, through its Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS);

3. The Factor K multipliers 10, 15 and 20 shall be retained, subject to future review by the Board of its efficiency and accuracy in relation to NFCC.”

2 ITEM 1.4 Service is generally 3 items,(Domestic Backhaul, Submarine Cable and IP Transit Service).

Will this be a IPL plus IP service?

Yes, IPL + IP Service
3 ITEM 5, The service will terminate in 2 office.

Do we have to divide the service in two or more circuit?

or if both circuit are active in 2 offices?

Divide the subscribed capacity per termination point. However, should failure on a part of the domestic to a certain happened, traffic should divert to the other termination point.
4 ITEM 7. Service shall provide 4 or more 10G ports at each terminating points.

Are we are going to activate all 10G ports and distribute the service in each ports? Please elaborate the use of 4x10G port at each site.

2 for the active traffic, 2 on standby for diverting of traffic (should outage happen)
5 ITEM 8, Service shall not use any of the same facilities provided in IPTI phase 1.

Please provide us the complete details of the existing IPTI Phase 1 to make sure that the proposed facilities for new are different.

This is confidential as per PLDT and only applies for PLDT-owned/leased properties, as PLDT is the winning bidder for IPTI.



6 Section VII Item 7.1: All Interfaces Shall Support Link Aggregation- What SFP port will ICTO Use on your router? (e.g. 10Gbps, 40Gbps or 100Gbps) 10G and 40G interfaces.

– On which wet segment/subsea cables does the winning Telco on IPTI Phase 1traversed?

Only applies to domestic segment/backhaul of the service, e.g. from cable landing station to core to ICTO and ASTI IP CORE


All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.


For information and guidance of all concerned.For a complete copy of the document, please click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 3-Procurement of Phase 2 International IP Transport (IPTI2) Service

Issued this 29th day of June 2016.



(Original Signed)


Chairperson, BAC4FREEWIFI