Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 3


Procurement of Phase 2 IP Transport Domestic Service (IPTD2)


Bid Reference No.: BAC4FREEWIFI-2016-05-003


Please be advised of the changes in the schedule of the Submission and Opening of Bids for this project:

Activity Previous Schedule Revised Schedule
Submission of Bids 30 June 2016

9 AM

8 July 2016

9 AM

Bid Opening 30 June 2016

10 AM

8 July 2016

10 AM


After considering the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions, the BAC4FREEWIFI hereby decides to include, revise, amend, delete and/or adapt the following provisions:


1 We would to point out that our previous clarification is on the propriety of the submission of CLC in lieu of the NFCC, and not as bid security under Section 18.1 of the ITB. Also, the CLC was previously allowed by the BAC during the Procurement of IP Transport Municipal Services Phase 2 (IPTM2) Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project as alternative to NFCC. Hence, we would like to clarify the BAC’s basis in determining that the “CLC does not conform to existing laws and standards of government procurement”. We note that under the Revised IRR of Republic Act No. 9184, a bidder may submit, in lieu of NFCC, a commitment from a Universal or Commercial Bank to extend a credit line in favor of the prospective bidder if awarded the contract to be bid (“CLC”). Per GPPB Resolution 20-2013,

“WHEREAS, during the 5th Regular GPPB Meeting held on 30 July 2013, the Board discussed the recommendations of the IATWG, and, after thorough discussion and careful deliberation, resolved to retain the current NFCC formula, subject to the following modifications:

1.  CLC shall no longer be accepted as an alternative to the prospective bidder’s computation of NFCC;

2.  The values of the bidder’s current assets and current liabilities shall be based on the data submitted to the BIR, through its Electronic Filing and Payment System (EFPS);

3. The Factor K multipliers 10, 15 and 20 shall be retained, subject to future review by the Board of its efficiency and accuracy in relation to NFCC.”

2 This is with regards to IPTM3 and IPTD2 as instructed in the bid document, item 15 of page 77:

“Ocular inspection of termination points is recommended. Please coordinate with Project Manager Eric Toledo (eric.toledo@icto.dost.gov.ph) or Director Philip Varilla (philip.varilla@icto.dost.gov.ph) for the site survey schedule and permits”.

Is there a need to secure the certificate of inspection/permit now or this shall only be prior to actual installation?

Ocular inspection can be done before and/or after bidding. Bidders are required to advise the Project Team one day prior to the intended schedule of ocular inspection.


All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.


For information and guidance of all concerned. For a copy of the Supplemental Bid Bulletin, please click on the link below:
Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 3 – Procurement of Phase 2 IP Transport Domestic Service (IPTD2)


Issued this 29th day of June 2016.



(Original Signed)


Chairperson, BAC4FREEWIFI