Bid Reference No.  BAC4IGOV-2015-07-022

In relation to the queries, clarifications, recommendations, and suggestions for the aforementioned project, hereunder is the official response of the BAC4IGOV:

Query BAC4IGOV’s Response
Can hardware specs can be generic (no specific parts, models, etc.)? No. We have compatibility considerations for the specifications of the design we intend to implement in the GCP system.
Host OS – Will DOST accept other Linux distributions with enterprise support? Yes. As long as it complies with the requirements indicated in the TOR.
Cloud Platform – Will DOST accept vendor-driven OpenStack distributions with enterprise support? The TOR only stipulates RHEL Open Stack and Ubuntu Open Stack. Yes. As long as the OpenStack Cloud Platform offered meets the indicated requirements in the TOR. Also, it was not stipulated that the required OpenStack distribution should be RHEL or Ubuntu. What we have specified are the minimum software requirements for compatibility purposes.
Based on our study only one brand can comply with the TOR And this brand or vendor may possibly work with only one exclusive partner and this may negate the principle of an open and transparent procurement process, unless the vendors in question decide,upon the government’s request, to extend their pricing to all bidders. We believe that the technical specifications in the TOR fit the requirements of the GCP design we plan to implement based on our own study and assessment. This does not, in any way, negate open and transparent procurement process.
In form VII-A on pages 228 to 229 there is a specification of 73 licenses for Enterprise Linux System for the Open
Stack cloud system in p.84. The number of physical servers in the said OpenStack cloud system is 49 and does not match the 73 expected Linux license. Can you explain or clarify what is expected of the apparently
extra licenses?
The 73 licenses are for each node of the Open Stack Cloud System:-1 x Admin Node-3 x Ceph Monitor Nodes-3 x OpenStack Controller Nodes

-48 x OpenStack Compute Nodes (These are 2-node servers. For each of the 24 servers there are 2 nodes)

-18 x Ceph OSD Nodes

If the Ceph OSD nodes do not need an enterprise Linux license to function as a Ceph OSD node – would you still require the physical Ceph OSD nodes(18 out of the 49 physical server units) to have an enterprise Linux license? Yes. Ceph OSD Nodes requires an operating system to function.
With reference to the discussion on 24 August 2015 during the Bid Opening for the Procurement of a Business Process Management System Software License with Consultancy and Professional Services for the iGov Government Common Platform regarding the required submission of a Valid and Current ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate issued to the manufacturer by an Independent Certifying body, from which it was agreed upon that an ISO Certification is not applicable for software products. In view of this, we request for clarification on the following bids which have software components:1. Supply, delivery, installation, Configuration of One (1) Lot of Government Common Platform Hardware with Bid Reference No. BAC4IGOV-2015-07-22 for submission on 4 September 2015 To delete requirement on the submission of valid and current ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate

ITB Clause 12.1 (a) TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS, (v) which provides,

“Valid and Current ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate issued to the manufacturer by an Independent Certifying body of the following items:

*Note: If in foreign language other than English, it must be accompanied by a translation of the documents in English. The  documents shall be translated by the relevant foreign government agency, the foreign government agency authorized to translate documents, or a registered translator in the foreign bidder’s country, and shall be authenticated by the appropriate Philippine foreign service establishment/post or the equivalent office having jurisdiction over the foreign bidder’s affairs in the Philippines.”

is hereby deleted hence, potential bidders are no longer required to submit “Valid and Current ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.”

All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.

To download this bidding document, please click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 5 – Supply, Delivery, Installation, Configuration of One (1) Lot of Government Common Platform Hardware


For information and guidance of all concerned.

Issued this 9th day of September 2015.

Chairman, BAC4IGOV