In relation to the queries, clarifications, recommendations and suggestions for the aforementioned project, hereunder is the official response of the BAC4IGOV:

Query BAC4IGOV’s Response
1 additional query on the forms to be used particularly on forms Annex VIII-A and Annex VIII-B under Financial Documents. As mentioned before in one of my previous clarification, our solution for this tender is locally available and therefore require us to use the Financial form Annex VIII-B which is I believe is applicable for our submission. But just to clarify and to avoid inconsistencies in our bid, do we still need to submit and include the form Annex VIII-A as part of our bid? If yes, what values are we going to indicate? Please clarify if we really need to include the form Annex VIII-A our financial bid proposal. If the goods are available locally, then only Annex VIII-B is required.
2. I have noticed that the form for Annex VII-A only dictates the license requirements. Since the Project requires some services such as installation, configuration, project management, training and maintenance/warranty, would it be acceptable if we add additional line item for the cost of services? The Detailed Financial Breakdown Form cannot be altered.
3. May we just know if ICTO is registered with the SEC? It is part of the IBM requirement on naming the license to the client. No, ICTO is not a SEC-registered corporation. See

All terms, conditions and instructions to bidders specified in the Bidding Documents inconsistent with this Bid Bulletin are hereby superseded and modified accordingly.

To download the supplemental bid document, click on the link below:

Supplemental Bid Bulletin No. 8 – Procurement of Goods and Services for the Government Common Platform Enterprise Business Intelligence Tools and Applications


For information and guidance of all concerned.

Chairman, BAC4iGOV