31 March 2020 – Free eBooks and other educational content designed for children can now be accessed under the eEdu-Skills Segment of the Tech4ED project.

The educational materials were sourced from Let’s Read – Asia’s free digital library for Children and uploaded to the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) Tech4ED platform to continually boost learning beyond the classroom.

The educational materials aim to practice the reading comprehension skills of children. Readers can select their appropriate reading level to access a sizeable collection of eBooks on diverse topics. There is also a Covibook that provides an opportunity for children, parents and educators to learn more about the pandemic and discuss their feelings in earnest.

The materials can be read online or downloaded for offline consumption, and can be automatically translated to different languages, both foreign (English, Mandarin, Japanese, etc.) and local (Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, etc.) to cater to a variety of clients.

Interested readers may get unlimited access by creating a Tech4ED account (selecting the Tech4ED center nearest to your location) at www.tech4ed.gov.ph.

Please see step-by-step registration process below:

TECH4ED Registration Process
Step 2
Click the “Create a new account” button
Step 3
Provide the following required information:
1. Email Address
2. Password
Then Click Submit
Step 4
Check your email to confirm your account
Step 5
Click on the link provided in the email received
Step 6
You will be directed to the Tech4ED Platform. Complete the final 3 steps by providing all the required information.
Click next to proceed to each succeeding steps
1. Account Information
2. Personal Information
3. Professional Information
After completing all required information, Click the “Finish” button found at the bottom of the page
Step 8
You will be prompted with your profile Summary.
Check all details, then click “Save” or “Close” to redo entries
Step 9
You are now ready to use the platform

For a downloadable PDF file of the steps, click the link below :