21st internet anniversary in the philippines
The Philippines has been steadily catching up with other countries over the past few decades when it comes to providing the nation with access to the Internet and the rest of the world. On that note, the Philippines has seen quite a number of milestones in this endeavor, all of which started in 21 years ago in March 29, 1994, when users first got to establish a connection to the Internet. Such a landmark moment has opened the doors for progress on the side of having Filipinos have access to the information wellspring that the Internet offers over the following years ever since; the ICTO and DOST are continuing this progress with the Free Public Wi-Fi Project and the use of TV White Space (TVWS) Project.

One of the precursors to the Free Public Wi-Fi Project is the conversion of the TV White Space (TVWS) as a means to provide Internet connectivity for rural areas such as barrios and towns. The use of TVWS as the preliminary means of connecting barrios to the Internet is one that is cost-effective, as it converts the unused TV and radio frequencies available, and these frequencies can cover more distance than current Wi-Fi technology (with a maximum range of 20 kilometers).

The importance of being able to connect to the Internet regardless of location is becoming a necessity as information and instantaneous communication have been shifting to a more digital medium. As such, the ICTO and DOST are addressing this need with the Free Public Wi-Fi Project and the TVWS project. These projects aim to provide free Internet access to Filipinos in various public places within their respective municipalities.

For more information on the history of the Internet in the Philippines, access the link provided (http://ph.news.yahoo.com).You can also access the TOR for the Free Public Wi-Fi Project on the ICTO website (http://dict.gov.ph/free-wi-fi-project-terms-of-reference).