A. Lead and manage the development, adoption, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all national  plans, policies and standards in Philippine ICT (and Internet) Governance;

B.  Ensure that national ICT plans, policies and standards are aligned with national development thrusts, international commitments, and the overall national interest;

C. Design and develop policies and action plans that maintain the integrity of the country’s critical ICT and Internet resources, and further trust in the information society,

D. Ensure that national plans, policies, and standards are developed through the constructive engagement with all concerned stakeholders;

E.Engage in necessary international activities in furtherance of national ICT policy development work;

F. Engage and commission private sector and civil society entities in specific areas of planning, policy and standards development activities;

G. Provide strategic technical support to national-level government entities (e.g. NGAs, legally mandated special commissions), inter-agency bodies (e.g., Cabinet Clusters, Inter-Agency Councils/Committees, legislative TWGs, etc.), and ICT-related multi-stakeholder bodies (e.g., CAC, and other councils that maybe created by law) in the area of strategic ICT frameworks and interventions.