Strategic Functions

  • Manage all ICTO public-private partnerships (PPPs) and provide the same service to government agencies upon request;
  • Ensure the optimal use of private sector infrastructure, applications and data services by government;
  • Collaborate with ICTO’s National ICT Planning, Policy and Standards Service and the PPP Center to develop ICT projects for PPP implementation to optimize and expand ICT and ICT-enabled operations;
  • Provide licensing and contract review services for government ICT projects; and,
  • Conduct periodic reviews of active government ICT-related license and/or service-level agreements.

As such, the unit will:

  • Provide PPP management consulting to interested government agencies for the development and implementation of PPP ICT projects;
  • Promote the development of ICT PPP’s in government through forums and seminars.
  • Enhance the value of ICT Office’s ICT assets by deploying it in PPP agreements and maximize its use in government.
  • Geo-reference the PPP assets and make it accessible in GIS form through the Internet