microsoft 40th anniversary
Microsoft has been providing IT-based solutions worldwide for over 40 years today. What started with Bill Gates and Paul Allen as an idea of creating programming language software for microcomputers, Microsoft, now, is one of the leading multi-billion corporations that specialize in various computer technologies, ranging from software, operating systems, to hardware and other computer peripherals.

Such versatility in terms of providing solutions has made them invaluable partners with the DOST-ICT Office in assisting with the establishment of communications between rescue and relief workers during the calamity that struck Tacloban last 2013. They also helped in harnessing TV White Space (TVWS) technology as a means to provide a cost-efficient infrastructure that gives the capability to access and connect Internet access for the citizens in Tubigon, Bohol, as well as assisting with the online registration of the fisherfolk in Talibon, Bohol ( Their software is often cited as easy to understand; the same goes for their hardware. This is due to their plug-and-play design where the operating system and peripherals of the computers are easy to understand which leads to users to experience instant connectivity.

The DOST-ICT Office, through their various projects such as the soon-to-be-launched Free Internet for Public Places and TVWS Project, aims to apply the same versatility when it comes to providing fast, reliable, and timely connectivity and communication between people, businesses, and government bodies across the nation.

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